Feb 11, 2021

Avoiding shutdown and maintenance clashes

Avoiding shutdown and maintenance clashes

Queensland’s industrial hub is planning its way out of potential pain caused by clashes in shutdown and maintenance schedules.

Gladstone is the home of significant assets owned by the LNG giants as well as Rio Tinto, Orica and Cement Australia, among others. It’s supported by a significant power station, port and rail facilities.

Rio Tinto’s QAL plant in Gladstone, where major players are trying to better co-ordinate shutdowns and maintenance schedules.

Shutdown and maintenance work is underwritten by a sophisticated supply chain which can be stretched if schedules clash.

Today’s (Thu 11 Feb 20) presentations to the Industry Maintenance Shutdown breakfast will be led by CEO of Gladstone Industry Leadership Group (GILG) Stacey Williams.

It will include addresses from GILG members Australia Pacific LNG, Santos GLNG and Shell’s QGC business who will present updates and information on the Major Industry Shutdown calendar, providing business with the opportunity to be prepared for upcoming shutdowns and projects.

More than 160 have registered for the sold-out event which is sponsored by Gladstone Engineering Alliance.