Dec 09, 2020

Local authority spending sweet spot

Local authority spending sweet spot Rockhampton Art Gallery - Quay Street.

Rockhampton City Council says an 80 percent local spend is the sweet-spot for local authorities.

That’s what the council has committed to locally sourced goods and services over the past twelve months.

The report has shown that of the $141.4 million spent by Council in total, $113.3 million has been spent within the Rockhampton Region. 

The council had a longstanding Local Preference Policy said Rockhampton Region Acting Mayor Neil Fisher.

“It has undoubtedly been a very trying year for many businesses as a result of Covid-19, so these figures, and Council’s ongoing commitment to supporting the Region’s economy is something we  are incredibly proud of,” Cr Fisher said.

“Whenever we as a Council need to spend money – whether that be on a large-scale project the likes of building the new art gallery or smaller-scale like upgrading a road or buying stationary  or printing supplies – wherever possible, we try and spend it locally. 

“We have a policy in place that helps guide our decisions in this space and we have also developed a document to assist local contractors and suppliers do business with Council.  

“There are of course times when items or services aren’t available locally, but we are always working toward strengthening  the local economy wherever possible – and this is our way of putting our money where our mouth is.”

A breakdown of the report reveals sections of Council’s spending with almost 100 percent local buy said Cr Fisher.

“Over the last twelve months, Council spent $21.8 million on the hire of construction plant and equipment, trade services and roadmaking material,” he said.

“Of this total amount, 97 percent of this has gone to our local businesses, many of which are our valuable small businesses who employ locally and are family operated. 

“As well as this, we also spent an additional $4.5m with local Council areas surrounding our boundaries, so when we couldn’t spend it within our own area we still aimed to keep the money in Central  Queensland.

“Overall, there is a fine balance between value for money, continuous improvement and supporting our local businesses and services, and we are confident we have achieved  this.”