Feb 17, 2021

Mackay firm tackles lifting challenge

Mackay firm tackles lifting challenge

Mackay Conveyor Equipment has released a new product to aid in lifting the giant gearboxes that drive underground mining conveyor systems.

Business development manager Deslie Halliday said the gearbox installation and removal skid was initially developed to fill a request for a one of MCE’s major mining clients within the Bowen Basin.

They engaged MCE to design and engineer a solution to make installing and removing these large gearboxes safer when there was no access to monorails or other traditional lifting methods.

The solution they came up with features a dedicated lifting frame which can be assembled around the gearbox.

The gearbox can then be connected via rated chains to the top beam of the lifting frame. 

“With the use of hydraulic cylinders built into the frame, it can then lift the gearbox up high enough to slide a pair of skid beams under it,” Ms Halliday said.

“The gearbox is then lowered on to the skids and can be withdrawn towards the mobile trolley sitting on the multipurpose walkway.”

The mobile trolley and gearbox move along rail beams to the end of the platform that is part of the kit.

At this point a loader can safely pick them up and transport them from the drive area. 

Installing a gearbox would uses the same method, but in reverse.

The equipment was designed to shift conveyor system gearboxes like these.

“Once removed from the underground area, the trolley also becomes a storage area for all the hydraulics,” Ms Halliday said. 

“The rails have been implemented into the walkway platforms so certain parts of the infrastructure can be left in place to reduce the amount of time should a breakdown occur with the gearbox once it is in service.”

And while the skid was originally designed  for a 6-tonne gearbox, Ms Halliday said the concept could be applied to all types of heavy equipment – such as large motors.

 The kit has been designed as a set that can be easily broken down into small pieces so it can be safely moved to be used in other areas underground by one person.

For further information, contact sales@mcequip.com.au